Monday, 23 May 2016

Father’s day poem English| poems for father’s day

Father’s day poem English| poems for father’s day

Father’s day poem English| poems for father’s day: welcome back fellas! It’s time for father’s day poems English which will surely touch your dear ones heart on this exciting day named as Father’s day. As you all know this day is very significant for all of us whether we live in any part of Asia, Europe and America. So that’s why we uploaded various kind of father’s day wishing stuffs such as father’s day messages, father’s day greetings, father’s day quotes and many things just like Father’s day poem English| poems for father’s day. So, don’t waste your precious time while searching here and there for father’s day wishing things because all the amazing father’s day wishing materials are available in our website which you can from here without any problem or without any feeling of hesitation. father's day Facebook whatsapp status.

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Father’s day poem English| poems for father’s day are especially for those friends who eagerly want to make their father happy on this father’s day because these father’s day poems English has the ability to make your father’s day as the best of all. So don’t waste your time while searching here and there because all the things you want are uploaded in our website which will definitely embellish your father’s day. Top rated father's day messages images sms quotes.

Father’s day poem English| poems for father’s day

A father
A father that really cares,
All my secrets I can share!
There when i need a hand!
There to understand!
When I cry,
he will hold!
If I am away,
he will call me day by day!
If I need him at all,
he’ll be there to stand tall!
Anything I say will be heard,
he will listen word by word!
If I am late,
he will open the gate!
As he looks in my eyes,
The sparkle he realizes!
he is the one that cares,
And the one that’s there!

If you’re lonely,
And need a friend,
And troubles seem like
They never end,
Just remember to keep the Faith,
And Love will be there to Light the Way.
Anytime you need a friend,
I will be here.
You’ll never be alone again,
So don’t you fear.
Even if you’re miles away,
I’m by your side.
So don’t you ever be lonely.
Love will make it alright.
When the shadows are closing in,
And your Spirit diminishing,
Just remember you’re not alone,
And Love will be there,
To Guide you Home.
HAPPY Father’s DAY

Stay tuned with us for more this type of Father’s day poem English| poems for father’s day and various things because we will upload more this type of wishing stuffs for you in upcoming days.

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Nice fathers day poems upload more bro so that i can download more from here. Wish your dad from my side also.